There's a beautiful road I know,
it cuts through the most amazing land.
18 kilometres of pure magic
Pure delight from start to end.

Fields of snowy white transformed in Spring
to a surprisingly vibrant green
and hundred million daffodils
create a dazzling carpet of gold.

Travel along the road aside amazing trees.
Some of bold singular magnificence
Others, like battalions of guardsmen
stood together, tall and straight.

Travel on through wonderful hamlets
with equally wonderful names.
Like Wolfis, Wolfarts and Kübach

With chocolate box wooden houses
dressed in loud paint jobs
and window flower boxes
designed to amaze us

Also visible, new designer homes,
amazing glass maximised creations,
providing year round panorama's
that never disappoint

Carry on along gently rolling tarmac
perhaps best enjoyed by bike.
Distant tantalising glimpses
of amazing views to come

Continue on to yet more
superbly named places.
Not merely villages and hamlets,
but warm communities
of family values and tradition.

Two hundred year old guest-houses
Provide a hearty welcome,
no matter what the weather is
Great beer and good food always assured

Just don't sit at the stammtiche
the table permanently reserved
for the farmers and village elders.
They'll be along soon enough
as their Fathers did before them.

Then on past through Greggenhofen
here the road rises, the ground banked high on both sides
providing a natural gateway, through which
our road emerges to the earlier promised beauty.

Behold now a startling view.
Conversation stops and breath is held.
Now to our front, amazing mountains
Bold limestone majesty tipped seemingly with icing
No cherry required to complete this delight

Our road dips now to maximise this sight,
Nabelhorn, bold in front of us
Grünten closer, encompassing
almost touchable to our left.

On we travel, smiling and awe-struck
Towards the town of Sonthofen
My envy never ending
of their changing, but always beautiful,
Bavarian Alpen view.

Road of Magic image