The city skyline mirrors its inhabitants.  The profile of skyscrapers and towers continually grows and competes.  The tallest building a few short years ago is now merely average.  What was ultra-modern yesteryear is now old and marked for destruction.  Each new building includes more and more floors, more people, and stretches higher towards the sky.

Simultaneously, companies multiply rapidly. The hunger for growth fed by an ever willing army of improvers and want-more-ers. Last year's salary is peanuts – last year's full-time is considered part-time. They want more, they give more, a labour feeding frenzy.

Rise in status, rise up the floors. The higher the viewpoint, the greater the view. Chance to observe the brick and steel landscape. Chance to glimpse the greenery afar; the fields and trees fuelling dreams of escape. Escape from the rat race, escape from the metropolis. Escape to calm and beauty, one day, with their fortunes made.

But back down to earth, the have-nots grow further from the haves. Some were once picky, now they are desperate. Others were blasé, now they are frantic. In the cold dark streets the desperate grow more desperate, their numbers grow, their darkness grows.

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