Only some know, what it really feels like to follow our team
So many ups, so many downs
Days of elation, but also days of despair

Another season of hope?
This, is a season of belief

A mid-week freezing evening, ice rain in your face
Deters not, thirty thousand hopefuls back once again
Sparkling new squad additions, reigniting ambition and belief
Providing warmth against the cold winter chill

The specialness of this football club,
Means no matter where you sit, you will sit within a family
Those who share your aspirations and also your fear
“We need a win tonight.” so common a phrase
Tonight especially, to keep us all sane

Painful defensive lapses early on in the game
Compounded a hundredfold by incredible ref'ing
Cue screams of frustration, the man in blacks’ ability is severely questioned
As are his allegiances, as is his parenthood!

The howls of grievance, the wrath of the wronged
forge such an incredibly powerful sound

The interval inquests are brutal and self convincing
“seasons over, “heads have gone,” the doom merchants preach
to considerable agreement in the desolate ranks

But this match is not over, this team don't give in easily
Belief and ability are not lacking in Bielsa's team

The action recommences and many's target of blame
hits the target himself and the comeback is on
Doubts now dissolve and anticipation returns
with a volume increase right off the scale

Eighteen minutes later, a sweet cross is met and headed home with conviction
Cue pandemonium, an explosion of sound
A thousand arms punch skyward, a thousand screams and embraces

A joyful final quarter is boosted by other results
But there's only one that really matters
and we all go home tonight happy
Tonight, we are once again
All Leeds, aren't we?

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