Enjoy The Memories image
Enjoy today. Enjoy what you do.
Enjoy your encounters and where you go.
Enjoy making memories. Memories to savour and think of again.

For there's those who can't, can't recall.
What they have done today has faded fast.
Where they have been is just a calendar mark.

Chats often cheery and pleasant enough, are clouded, with vacant looks and recollection fails.
Memory like a sieve, is a phrase oh so true.
Understandable frustration is now commonplace.

Yet medium term memories are stuck fast, like a tape playing a constant loop.
What's heard once, is heard again, tenfold.
We cope with humour and make light. But I wonder if, we brothers three,
are now starting down the road to hell.  
As the disease Dr Alzheimer first documented, takes control of my dear Mum.

And a disease it certainly is. It steals happiness without a care.
Leaving behind sadness and despair.
I heard on the radio the other day, of an encounter with a scientist
who battles this affliction.  
He believes it's possible of a breakthrough in maybe six years or so.  
A chance of hope at least, for those to come.

But until that day, we’ll enjoy the memories that we have stored.
Memories of happier times. Friends we know and places we have been.
So enjoy today. Enjoy what you do.
Enjoy making memories. You just may find them invaluable, in days to come.