This is not a true story, it is inspired by one

Imagine meeting the woman of your dreams.
A soft skinned beauty with dazzling eyes, green windows to a spirit of fire.

Imagine your joy as she agrees to be your wife.
Life seemingly complete
As you are blessed with two wonderful children.

Imagine the journey, as you up sticks and move.
A new home by the sea, a new work adventure.
Free from the rat race, now you are the boss, you make the plans.

Imagine your satisfaction as your business succeeds.
Some long hours for sure, but life is good
For you and your loved ones

Imagine your happiness watching your children
They grow into fine young adults.
Forging careers and having families of their own.

Imagine your concern, as your wife and new son-in-law have differences.
You and your daughter caught in the cross fire
Tension develops and animosity simmers

Imagine your sadness as your daughter eventually chooses
Husband over parents,
and your parental relationship, essentially ends.

Imagine never seeing again, your two beautiful granddaughters.
Their journey into adulthood comes now only as hearsay
and second hand images.

Imagine awakening one day to gaze upon unfamiliar surroundings
No wife in sight, nurses and doctors your only company just now
Why the hell am I here?
Inside, you feel the same, or do you?

Imagine the realisation; You think the same thoughts
but when you to try to convert these, no words emerge, only noises.
Of speech, you are no longer capable
A mute prisoner, imprisoned within yourself.

Imagine your horror as your wife is struck down.
Your life partner no longer able to care for you
and again, the comforts of home are replaced
by institutionalisation.

Imagine the despair as for company now;
those on their last legs, those waiting to die.
No communication, they have nothing to say.

A situation so desperate that visitors, only awaken memories
of happier times and horribly emphasise today's despair,
and in tears you send them away.

I don't have to imagine this sad sad situation.
The tears as I write this, are real enough.

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