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06 Dec

   This is Skuse's third book of Rhiannon Lewis's diary 'my life as a serial killer.' Originally introduced to us in Sweetpea, the superb dark comic story of Rhiannon's attempt to survive life's daily drudgery with humour and the murders of the local low-life's and personal wrongdoers.     

   Three quarters of the way through 'Sweetpea' I told myself, I probably would not bother with the follow-up 'In Bloom.' Whilst enjoying her sharp observations of manipulating bosses, dull friends and boring boyfriend, combined with ensuring paedophiles and others get their just desserts, I believed it may become samey. The later twists however ensured 'In Bloom' was an 'OMG what happens now' must-read.    

   'Dead Head' follows Rhiannon's recent confession and subsequent attempt to build a new life. Initially stuck on a cruise ship we are introduced to a new range of people to be character assassinated or perhaps just assassinated? This is without doubt the most enjoyable of the three books, I believe over the course of the books Skuse has developed as a writer. No doubt the success of 'Sweetpea,' (soon to be a TV drama,) has increased her confidence and she introduces some remarkable characters and takes us new places. As with the previous books, one minute you are quietly rooting for the hero vigilante, next you are shouting 'No! Too far Rhiannon, too far.'    

   Her popularity is encapsulated in her 'kill-lists' at the beginning of most chapters. Showing that deep down, we know there is a little of all us in Rhiannon. Or is that just me?

   Dead Head is available from Amazon and other good book stores on 18th February 2021.

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